Stock Length Cutting Optimization for Excel

How many stock lengths are required for your cut list of part lengths?
This program will calculate an efficient optimal cutting pattern.

A bonus is that you don't have to change your company's Excel workbooks!
It is fully customizable to accommodate the layout of your spreadsheets.
Try the free demo today.

Used by curtain wall contractors, glazier, door, window and millwork shops.

Length Optimizer

Best in class optimization gives a payback with just one job run.
Works directly with Excel workbook files including those with macros.

Can input parts in groups (assemblies) for easier and faster data entry.
Maintains a list of stock inventories and does costing for estimating.
CSV file output for label makers and automated stop gauges.

Add trim to parts, do miter cuts and show part descriptions.
Handles metric, fractional and true feet-inches units.

No per seat or user restrictions and mobile friendly too.
The web browser online operation allows for use on more than one device.

spreadsheet screenshot

Helpful Hints

Optimizers for most situations can only give good results if there is a variety of part lengths.
You may have to combine cutlists to achieve length variety. Then separate the cut parts afterwards by their part ID descriptions.

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